Hats off to Merseyway as shopping centre unveils spectacular art installation

  An art installation featuring over 200 hats was unveiled at Merseyway in Stockport on Saturday as the shopping centre gears up to celebrate ‘Wear a Hat Day’ this Easter.   ‘Hats Off’ features a stunning canopy of illuminated top and bowler hats suspended from the centre’s ceiling, coupled with individual ‘selfie’ hats throughout the centre.   The installation, which will be in-situ until after the school Easter holidays, will also provide a colourful back-drop for the centre’s Easter event on Good Friday (30 March).   From 11am - 4pm, children of all ages can take part in a range of free workshops including hat making, balloon sculpting and face painting, while families can enjoy a Hat Hunt by following a themed trail through the centre to win prizes.   At Stockport’s Hat Works Museum, there will be a series of free workshops for families to make a hat in conjunction with Wear a Hat Day, raising money for Brain Tumour Research.   At 3.45pm visitors can take to the stage and parade their newly-made hats and bonnets in front of a panel of judges, in the much anticipated HATwalk Show to win a range of prizes including a family ticket to see Peter Rabbit at The Light Cinema at Redrock.   And with Stockport’s Foodie Friday taking place at Stockport Market from 6pm – 9pm, visitors can hold onto their hats and celebrate into the evening with a range of fantastic street food, craft ales and live music with a Mod March theme!   Merseyway Centre Manager, Brendan Webb said “Hats are synonymous with Stockport and we were keen to bring this element of the town’s heritage to life through an art installation with real wow factor, and we’re delighted with the result!   “Our Easter event on Good Friday has seen us work closely with Stockport’s Hat Museum, and we’re encouraging local families to take advantage of the free hat and Easter bonnet making workshops at both the museum and the centre, which are all in aid of a brilliant cause, and then join us at 3.45pm for our Hatwalk Show to win some fantastic prizes.”   Caroline Simpson, Corporate Director for Place at Stockport Council, said: “It’s great to see Merseyway showcasing Stockport’s hat heritage with this exhibition. There is lots happening at Merseyway and the Hat Works Museum on Good Friday and I’d like to encourage residents to come to these free events and support Brain Tumour Research by wearing headwear and making a donation.”   Follow @merseyway or visit www.merseyway.com for more information and updates on Easter at Merseyway 2018.  

Hat Parade 2018

We had so much fun at the Easter event for Wear a Hat Day.

Merseyway3 Merseyway5 Merseyway8 Merseyway9 Merseyway10 Merseyway11 Merseyway12 Merseyway13 Merseyway14 Merseyway15 Merseyway16 Winners winners1 winners2 winners3 winners4 winners5 winners6 Merseyway1 HatWorks2 HatWorks4 HatWorks6 HatWorks1 HatWorks5
Christmas Huts 2017

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Merseyway with our Festive Huts.

IMG_1536 IMG_1544 IMG_1546 IMG_1557 IMG_1560 IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1748 IMG_1751 IMG_1755 IMG_1758 IMG_1761 IMG_1763 IMG_1766 IMG_1770 IMG_1774 IMG_1775 IMG_1780 IMG_1782
Snow Garden 2017

Brimming with fluffy artificial snow, children aged 9 and under are enjoying our Snow Garden this year.

IMG_1574 IMG_1579 IMG_1585 IMG_1596 IMG_1813 IMG_1609 IMG_1620 IMG_1631 IMG_1635 IMG_1664 IMG_1667 IMG_1673 IMG_1677 IMG_1680 IMG_1694 IMG_1696 IMG_1702 IMG_1704 IMG_1707 IMG_1711 IMG_1718 IMG_1733 IMG_1790 IMG_1823 IMG_1834 IMG_1838
Christmas Lights Switch On 2017
Lights 1

We kicked off the 2017 Christmas season in style with live performances from S Club, Amelia Lily & Lucy Spraggan.

Lights 2 Lights 3 Lights 4 Lights 6 Lights 7 Lights 8 Lights 9 Lights 10 Lights 11 Lights 12 Lights 13 Lights 14
Halloween 2017

Check out the spooktacular photos!

IMG_9643 IMG_9656 IMG_9660 IMG_9664 IMG_9675 IMG_9685 IMG_9699 IMG_9700 IMG_9711 IMG_9731 IMG_9736 IMG_9742 IMG_9746 IMG_9762 IMG_9769 IMG_9778 IMG_9784 IMG_9789 IMG_9804 IMG_9809 IMG_9816 IMG_9821 IMG_9829 IMG_9835 IMG_9840 IMG_9848 IMG_9870 IMG_9890 IMG_9895 IMG_9902 IMG_9905 IMG_9911 IMG_9920 IMG_9924 IMG_9929 IMG_9930 IMG_9933 IMG_9937 IMG_9943 IMG_9944 IMG_9950
Merseybay 2017

Take a look at the fun we had this Summer in Stockport.

IMG_1946 IMG_1955 IMG_1988 IMG_1995 IMG_2010 IMG_2017 IMG_2021 IMG_2024 IMG_2030 IMG_2036 IMG_2040 IMG_2048 IMG_2051 IMG_2054 IMG_2080 IMG_2084 IMG_2089 IMG_2090 IMG_2096 IMG_2106 IMG_2115 IMG_2119 IMG_2140 IMG_2153 IMG_2155 IMG_2162 IMG_2173 IMG_2179 IMG_2182 IMG_2194 IMG_2208 IMG_2221 IMG_2245 IMG_2250 IMG_2260 IMG_2265 IMG_2273 IMG_2277
Easter 2016
Image 1

This Easter saw the return of the Easter Bunny alongside Easter based crafts for children to enjoy. They were given the chance to decorate their own colourful biscuits to take home and enjoy!

Image 6 Image 8 Image 9 Image 10 Image 12 IMG_2009 IMG_2013 IMG_2029
Merseybay 2016
Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport

This summer we had buckets of fun when we brought the beach to Stockport. Spanning over 4 weeks, 1 lucky family also won £1000 towards their next sunny holiday!

Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport Merseybay, Merseyway Shopping Centre, Stockport
Christmas Lights Switch-On 2016

We kicked off the 2016 Christmas season in style with live performances from Tiger-S, Stooshe, Union J, before lighting up Stockport with our Christmas Lights.

15042247_10154831782444203_6189886792313131724_o 15039470_10154831782494203_6627873453506051061_o 15123442_10154831782624203_6711515701527920045_o 15129537_10154831782709203_5623090618335164108_o 15068446_10154831782759203_2514787505999636914_o 15069084_10154831782979203_5774307074311030630_o 15129616_10154831783044203_3420013520373894707_o 15039708_10154831783089203_3392849248308253770_o 15039512_10154831783199203_1522405788324250423_o 15068457_10154831783264203_3519486413175363815_o 15128864_10154831783354203_42568626577654799_o 15123314_10154831783404203_9069965596051033025_o 15039638_10154831783434203_5800611460835867358_o 15123221_10154831783589203_8052320257968978176_o 15129543_10154831783684203_3073334311759224280_o 15129007_10154831783794203_7035565148432758803_o 15123072_10154831783859203_167305629302378855_o 15123418_10154831783869203_1163033333536443341_o 15129435_10154831784064203_1947727307606343667_o 15123138_10154831784069203_3198636780595341005_o 15123138_10154831784134203_4896680192292985923_o 15068552_10154831784249203_6384960547978793303_o 15138312_10154831784274203_5837421072006156825_o 15123043_10154831784564203_4675821040442264588_o 15111126_10154831784739203_4772978542203671698_o 15016151_10154831784819203_3838886121083995867_o 15068870_10154831784944203_932203633799382299_o 15123426_10154831785139203_3208497107252541156_o
Summer Fashion Show 2016

A one-day fashion event showcasing the latest 2016 styles from some of the high street's biggest retailers, along with live entertainment acts.

Merseyway-fashion-show-2 Merseyway-fashion-show-3 Merseyway-fashion-show-4 Merseyway-fashion-show-5
Easter at Merseyway

This Easter, we created our very own Easter Garden filled with colourful Easter eggs and the Easter Bunny himself!

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image7 image8 image9 image10
Mother's Day - Shop To Unlock

On Friday 4th & Saturday 5th March we gave away over £1,700 worth of Mother's Day prizes, from some of your favourite Merseyway stores!

image1 image2 image3 image4 image5 image6 image7 image9 image10
Valentine's Day 2016

During Valentine’s Day weekend, shoppers were asked to sit in our gondola and share a selfie with Merseyway for a chance to WIN a trip for two to Venice!

image4 image5 image6 image7 image8 image9 new1 new2 new3
Winter Snow Garden 2015

Throughout December, kids enjoyed Merseyway's Winter Snow Garden complete with fluffy artificial snow, dressable snowmen, throwable wool snowballs and a secret snow hideout!

image10 image9 image8 image11 image12 image13 1 2 3
Christmas Lights Switch-On 2015

It was time again to light up Stockport for Christmas. This year, the lights were turned on by X Factor and I’m A Celebrity Finalist Jake Quickenden.

Merseyway-FashionShoot-JodyHartley-HiRes-5-small image9 image8 image6 image5 image4 image3 image2 image1
Shop to Unlock
IMG_5221 copy

On six random days throughout September we gave away over £5,000 worth of prizes from some of your favourite Merseyway retailers. Here's some of our lucky winners!

IMG_5246 copy IMG_5266 copy IMG_5281 copy IMG_5330 copy IMG_5346 copy IMG_5391 copy IMG_5431 copy IMG_5439 copy IMG_5529 copy
Spring into Summer

A one-day fashion event that showcased the latest SS15 fashion from some of the high street's biggest retailers and live entertainment acts.

Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-5-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-6-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-9-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-19-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-32-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-39-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-45-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-47-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-53-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-58-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-73-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-82-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-83-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-92-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-98-small Merseyway_FashionShoot_JodyHartley_HiRes-105-small
Family Fundraiser 2014

In September we hosted our first ever Family FUNdraiser event with a jam-packed line-up of exciting activities and performances over two days all to raise vital funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Crowds Crowds-1 Debut-Dance-Academy Fashion-Show Fireman-Sam Giles-Potter Harry-Mondryk Kiki-deVille Sam-Callahan
Christmas Lights Switch On 2014

David Gest flicked the switch to signal the start of Christmas at Merseyway. Other acts on stage with Imagine FM included Stockport's very own singing sensation Bob Blakeley.

christmas_2014 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Valentine's Day 2015

100 lucky shoppers who spent over £10 received a red rose for their Valentine. Visitors also had the chance to win £25 worth of vouchers when they shared their words of love on our very own Love Wall.

MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-8 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-12 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-14 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-26 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-29 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-34 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-35 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-42 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-48 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-58 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-59 MerseyWay_Valentines_JodyHartley_LoRes-61
EasterFest 2015

The Easter Bunny made a special appearance, hiding tasty treats across the centre ready for the children’s Easter egg hunts!

19424_10153300076319203_6423477438338090880_n 21292_10153300076139203_7596487862359978026_n 10356018_10153300075414203_6926651216766872365_n 10409756_10153300076589203_8844614443210580049_n 10427668_10153300076444203_6102743409101463218_n 11014808_10153300075984203_2748431754784823782_n 11020481_10153300075779203_3130352338725615100_n 11091144_10153300075844203_7058127968862014532_n 11112875_10153300076859203_3676864846331688012_n 11127764_10153300075579203_353195306724394259_n 11136685_10153300075174203_3778822900158202563_n
Mother’s Day Portrait Competition

Budding artists from local schools entered our Mother’s Day portrait competition!

9490_820120458079165_1958618836931398677_n 997035_820117584746119_67719176270142134_n 10378945_820118874745990_7008319029163836490_n 10403007_820118178079393_5702970438282329136_n 10441005_820119734745904_485342559847282391_n 10476456_820117908079420_1209933490022385127_n 10991133_820118764746001_1626038903740092346_n 11013182_820123201412224_3823961046334993252_n 11041799_820120851412459_5041275088762122098_n 11043037_820121281412416_8718052411847441540_n 11043274_820117588079452_3598630426740580805_n 11046608_820120451412499_9056777767277913806_n
Christmas Lights Switch On 2013

Rylan rocked Merseyway at the biggest and best Christmas Lights Switch On Event ever held. See photos here from one amazing night, or check out our video <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdTY_L97gH4" target="_blank">here</a>

gabriella-cilmi_0 1466054_10200420795077013_2096415811_n_0 574463_10200420802117189_495179123_n-1 big-screen_0 next-of-kin_0 dancers_0 big-screen-merseyway-family-area_0 biggest-crowd-ever_0 its-snowing_0 stage-end_0 switch-on_0_0
Merseyway Supports Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2013

The Mayor and Mayoress of Stockport, Centre Manager, Brendan Webb with Ken and Hilda Hampson at the start of the 2013 Poppy Appeal

Merseyway Summer Festival 2013 Stockport Together

Record crowds enjoyed our 2013 Summer Festival celebrating Stockport Together. Check out the photos of another successful event at Merseyway

Macmillan Cancer Support Event

Many thanks to everyone who supported our Macmillan Cancer Support Event. Special thanks to all Merseyway Staff who cycled 96 miles and helped raise over £1300

gill-baxter peppa-pig-with-merseyway-staff brendan-webb-centre-manager b-webb-with-ann-coffey dave-simister-ops-manager michelle george-pig-with-one-of-his-little-fans peppa-pig-with-jamie-family helen melissa-fragrance-hamper-winner caroline-raffle-prize-winner brendan-spnsored-cycle-22-09-13 peppa-john mrs-slack-raffle-prize_0
Merseyway Christmas Festival 2012

Have a look at some photos from our fun filled Christmas Festival. Huge thanks to everyone who took part and helped make the event a fantastic success!

ice-pixies-friends snow-globe-ice-pixie face-painting brass-band-2-small dancers_0
Christmas Lights Switch On 2012

WOW what a fabulous crowd turned out for the best ever Merseyway Christmas Lights Switch On Event. Browse photos of Steps, Matt Cardle and special guests

Fabulous Crowd xmas-tree-lit Thousands watching the event Fanfair Matt Cardle Matt Walker Christmas Kitty The Fabulously Famous Switch On steps-saluting_0 stella-maris-school-choir_0
Merseyway Festival 2012

It was fun in the sun at the very successful Merseyway Festival and Fashion Show. A big thank you to everyone who came along to see the event! Check out the video here

merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-016 merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-018 merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-009 merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-010 merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-019 merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-038 merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-023 merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-031 merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-041 merseyway-festival-in-the-sunshine-045 competition-winner-001-small
Merseyway In The Community

We raised £3,000 for Stockport Cerebral Palsy Society the proceeds from The Merseyway Big Charity Drive held recently

Olympic Torch Relay

Check out some photos from this historic day despite the weather it was a fabulous day and well done to everyone involved

terry-christian-24-06-12_0 fans re-connected_0 alexander-stewart-24-06-12_0
Merseyway Big Charity Drive

Check out the photos from Merseyway's Big Charity Drive on Easter Saturday. Pictured with Centre Manager is the winner of the brand new Peugeot 107

dartversity re-connected dancers-dartversity reconnected-their-fans dancers_0
Valentines Day 2012 and Matchmaker Competition Winners

Pictured with Centre Manager, Brendan Webb are our competiton winners, Julie Mason, Sarah Brindley and Richard Townsend

merseyway_val_110212-013_0 merseyway_val_110212-010_0 merseyway_val_110212-038_0 merseyway_val_110212-026_0 merseyway_val_110212-034_0 merseyway_val_110212-025_0 merseyway_val_110212-059_0
The Ride of your Life Competition

Merseyway Taxi and Balloon competition Saturday 28 January 2012 Check out the photos here and congratulations to Matt Ross our competition winner

merseyway_taxi_04_0_0 merseyway_taxi_05_0 merseyway_taxi_10_0 merseyway_taxi_15_0 merseyway_taxi_17_0 merseyway_taxi_19_0
Jingle all the Merseyway

Check out the latest pictures from our Christmas events

313227_10150466265219203_69419789202_10817302_621878509_n 314432_10150479674194203_69419789202_10866156_1421534862_n 316441_10150479673749203_69419789202_10866152_642835576_n 320024_10150479675744203_69419789202_10866174_1062599293_n 377364_10150479674039203_69419789202_10866155_1374631056_n 377557_10150466259414203_69419789202_10817274_1967993819_n 377875_10150466261324203_69419789202_10817284_748318278_n 378843_10150479675244203_69419789202_10866169_85691379_n 380510_10150466263234203_69419789202_10817291_1317543686_n 381184_10150479676744203_69419789202_10866183_980565720_n 382234_10150479674769203_69419789202_10866162_1788556601_n 383989_10150479675929203_69419789202_10866176_267245098_n 384111_10150479674604203_69419789202_10866161_725139680_n 384463_10150479673634203_69419789202_10866151_442974167_n 388159_10150479675439203_69419789202_10866171_1677604307_n 377979_10150494493479203_69419789202_10920542_1959904960_n 376216_10150494493524203_69419789202_10920543_441342884_n 374916_10150531577259203_69419789202_11031863_359308208_n 378626_10150531579624203_69419789202_11031867_1707790709_n 380059_10150531575639203_69419789202_11031847_1359579470_n 385153_10150531591164203_69419789202_11031891_385786060_n 391895_10150531576574203_69419789202_11031856_194675943_n 388842_10150531574924203_69419789202_11031838_1893736490_n 384561_10150531577959203_69419789202_11031865_1388180568_n
Merseyway Switch On 2011

A great night with fantastic performances from The Special K's, Chloe Thomas, Vanquish, Lloyd Daniels and Lemar! Check out the photos of the night here

abm_92404ebbc8393e864_1320929336-jpg_500x500 dscf01074ebbc384729e9_1320928131-jpg_500x500 dscf01184ebbc387e1b90_1320928135-jpg_500x500 dscf01284ebbc38d6c837_1320928140-jpg_500x500 dscf01294ebbc38fe3246_1320928143-jpg_500x500 dscf01314ebbc3927a949_1320928145-jpg_500x500 dscf01354ebbc39596115_1320928148-jpg_500x500 dscf01374ebbc39882877_1320928151-jpg_500x500 dscf01394ebbc39e6e80f_1320928157-jpg_500x500 dscf01464ebbc3a8bdff5_1320928167-jpg_500x500 dscf01514ebbc3ab9a7db_1320928170-jpg_500x500 dscf91014ebbc3b59639e_1320928180-jpg_500x500 dscf91354ebbc3bb1474d_1320928186-jpg_500x500 dscf91364ebbc3be90883_1320928189-jpg_500x500 dscf91394ebbc3c415798_1320928195-jpg_500x500

Check out the gallery from a great day of spooky fun

img_1206 merseyway_halloween_02 merseyway_halloween_07 merseyway_halloween_09 merseyway_halloween_13
Summer Spectacular

Fun in the sun for all the family - from Peppa Pig to climbing walls, check out the gallery

img_5246 img_5263 img_5271 img_5329 img_5391 img_5450 img_5475 img_5551
Stockport Festival

The Stockport Festival 2011 was a great success and a thoroughly enjoyable day - <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMHNY6aS48Q" title='Stockport Festival 2011' target="_blank">check out the video here</a>