Warhammer’s 1st Anniversary Celebrations

Warhammer’s 1st Anniversary Celebrations

It’s been a great 1st year in Stockport and what better way to celebrate with a big party?

There will be limited merchandise available including the amazing Primaris Captain with Power Fist, Brush Packs, Artwork book, Dice and Painting Mats PLUS some Freebies for those who purchase stuff on the day.

Wacky Races: 11am and 3pm:
Inclusive event for all, requires any model to take part with bonus for models with an engine.

Last Hero Standing: 12:00:
40k Character model ( no special characters ) 200 pts max. Random opponents, last hero standing.

Monster Mash: 1pm:
Use any monster model, all rules are custom and randomly rolled stats and special attacks.
Random opponents and last monster standing.

Speed Painting: All day long:
Painting a Primaris marine in 5 minutes. Judging at 4pm.

Cake Competition:
Bonus Prize Draw tokens for all cake competitors.