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Saz Media

Well it looks like we are slowly coming out of lockdown as the situation becomes that bit safer. So let’s tell you our news.

We have missed our workshops and offering work experience, so as we prepare our future offer we would really appreciate your input. This will help us tailor our training and workshops to give young people the very best outcomes. Please could your young ones aged 14-25 fill out this survey?


We have also been discussing with other Social Enterprises about how to involve young people in fun and positive activities during this time. We have managed to get some ‘Cook a long with me’ parcels from Cherry Tree Romiley these can be delivered to you completely free of charge on a Friday. This is a great activity for your young person to learn to cook a recipe and make dinner for the whole family.
We will be accompanying this with a food photography guide and there will be a competition for the resulting images with a prize for the winner. Please email me at if you would like a parcel 🙂


Safety is paramount at our studio, we have been deep cleaning and hope to put down a new mop-able floor in the studio room. We will be equipping the studio with hand sanitiser for everyone to use and using masks and social distancing. Please note that for our deaf attendees we will not be wearing masks, this is so we can communicate with them through lip reading and facial expressions used in British Sign Language.


We are offering half price studio and outdoor family or individual portraits. This is a great opportunity for you to put some beautiful imagery on your walls or in a family photo album that will be treasured for years to come. Each photoshoot comes with a consultation on styling, use of props and background arrangement. You can purchase either of these on our website here!

And of course our profits go back into creating free workshops for our community.